Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Boma Naraka Sura

Since we here at the Antiverse tend to view ourselves somewhat as champions of the little guys in terms of gaming, I figured, how much "littler" can you get then games turning to crowdfunding for support? So I've decided that about once a month I'll pick a game that I see on a crowdfunding site that I think looks interesting and could use some support. With that said, onwards to the first entry!

I have been waiting seven years – since the release of Order of Ecclasia – for a new true Castlevania game. Apparently that may never happen, but recent Kickstarter campaign for famed creative director Koji Igarashi’s new game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is pretty much the answer to my prayers. Since its success, it’s been no surprise to see other of these (to steal Bloodstained’s campaign term) “Igavania” styled games crawling out of the wood-work. Perhaps the most interesting is Indonesia-based Anantarupa Studio’s Boma Naraka Sura.

This new game stars a young female heroine, Sveta, who awakens with no memories to find herself in a dark realm filled with demons. One of these creatures is Bomasura, who is usually depicted as a villain in ancient Southeast Asian culture, but in this game will be lending aid to Sveta and helping her survive her journey through the various realms.

The gameplay definitely seems focused on the action/adventure style familiar to fans of Metroid and Castlevania. Much in the way that many enemies in Castlevania are based on various mythological creatures, Boma will continue to draw inspiration from its unique Southeast Asian heritage for the demons and populace of the game. As you travel, you will collect fragments of Sveta’s memory, but also various power ups and items that will add an RPG-like element to powering up your character and weapons and also help you transverse the environments. Like I said, this is familiar ground, but all elements fans of these types of games know and love.

What really sets Boma apart is its look. While many Kickstarter video games from what I can tell tend to be sprite based to either be or have the look of being 8- or 16- bit, Boma Naraka Sura is a beautifully hand painted game with an incredibly unique style and feel.

Quite honestly, I’m a little surprise this game even is on Kickstarter. A game like this seems like it should be getting some pretty big backing and lots of attention. Despite this, with a little under two weeks left in the campaign it still has almost half its initial funding goal left to go. But this has been a very big summer for Kickstarter, having seen Bloodstained, Shenmue III, and Yooka Laylee all break funding records in the video game categories, so people who normally would have thrown money at a game like this might be feeling a little drained right now. Also, so far they’ve only announced plans for a PC version, no console release or even a Mac version! A game like this definitely belongs on console. Maybe with enough success they’ll consider making the effort.

Check out the demo on Boma’s Kickstarter page and consider supporting them.

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